Enjoy a 50% off on all additional pairs when you order one of our ultra premium Kodak digital lenses (Either  Single vision lenses,   Softwear/Occupational  lenses or Varifocal lenses).

These digital lenses are simply High Definition! 

Enabling you to see the world around you in precise clarity and at its finest details.

All our digital lenses also come with a 2 years anti scratch guarantee for that extra peace of mind....

Offer  available in store only till December 31st 2020.

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2020 Polarised Sunglasses Promo!!!


Get a complete pair of POLARISED sunglasses ( single vision or varifocal lenses ) from just £70!!
 (frames and lenses inclusive) !

With rising temperatures and summers getting hotter each year, your eyes definitely need all the protection it can get from these intense rays. 

So it's time to pop into Prime Specs and let's get you sorted for the summer.

Offer available in store only from 01/03/2020 to 30/09/2020.



What we have to offer....

PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY SERVICE – Our staff are always on ground  to help you select the best frames and lenses with the most cost-effective option for you. 

Our wide selection of designer frames includes Silhouette, Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Guess, Vogue frames  and more!

But it is not all about designer frames, if you just want a basic pair for reading or driving, we also have simple frames from just £15! 


We are here to  help you through the dispensing process, so you are able to make an informed decision on the  best choice of frames & lenses  that perfectly suits your visual needs.

Rest assured we will ensure you  are absolutely delighted and satisfied with your new pair of glasses!


10% off glasses for Seniors over 65 from £99...….

10% off glasses for students with ID on first pair.

Get a £5.00 Prime Specs voucher for every person you refer to us.....


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1.  Do I need to book an appointment?

Ans;  No, you don't. If you  are however pressed for time, you can call or email us ahead of your visit.

2.. Do you do sight test?

Ans: No, we don't. Just come in store with your recent spectacle lens prescription and we will dispense your new glasses or sunglasses.

3. Why should I come to Prime Specs rather than make my lenses at my Optician's?

Ans: With so many bills to pay, people welcome any way to save on what  they spend. Prime Specs offers an alternative to get like for like eyewear products at a guaranteed 30% cheaper rate in prices!

With Prime Specs, you also enjoy the added massive advantage of having a shop location where you can come in for  accurate eye measurements for your new lenses and adjustments of frames.

4. Can I bring my own frames and put new lenses in them?

Ans: Definitely! Bring your own frame instore and once we confirm they are still in good condition and suitable for the lenses you want, we will reglaze them and put new lenses in for you.

5. What happens when I collect my glasses and I don't like them?

Ans: Should this happen, we have a detailed way of resolving this. Once we identify where the issue is coming from, we will replace the lenses. Rest assured that we will ensure 100% satisfaction with our services.

6. If I didn't buy my spectacle frames from you, can I bring them in for repairs?

Ans: We are open to everyone bringing their glasses frames in for repairs. Just to mention that not all glasses repairs are possible, butwhen you bring them in, we will evaluate and let you know.

7. I just need a really cheap pair of glasses for reading, how much is your cheapest basic pair?

Ans: You can have a complete pair of basic frame and basic single vision lenses (without anti-reflection coating) from as little as £19.99!  Complete pair of frames with anti reflection coated single vision lenses starts from £35!

Our new brand name "Prime Specs"

Effective 1st of July 2018, we changed our brand name from "Speccies, Reading" to "Prime Specs".  This was to enable us expand the services we currently provide and at even cheaper prices than before!

If you get like for like products (frames and lenses) cheaper than ours on the high street, please come and we will gladly refund the difference.